The Electorate in Tuscarora Township has spoken with an over-whelming majority to elect a new Clerk.   I thank you!

I can’t tell you how PROUD I am to represent those of you, who voted for me.  I am also looking forward to work just as hard for those residents, who chose my opponent.  I intend to bring our community together as we move forward with a roadmap to excellence for our Township. I want to offer my heartfelt thank you!  

As I have often commented, I share your values, I will listen, I will earn your trust, and I will always show YOU respect. I intend to honor this commitment.

A significant benefit of running for this elected office has been the hundreds of Township residents I had the pleasure to meet.  They shared their concerns and expectations for fiscal responsibility, transparency, and desirable township growth and development. In addition they asked for help with simple requests for “brining" roads, a farmers market, maintaining lake access, and improving our Township office-visit experience for information, assistance, and error-proof transactions, to name a few examples.

So, I am excited and enthusiastic to begin working with the Board of Trustees in making Tuscarora a "Township of Excellence” that we all can be proud to call home.


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