A Message from Jay Reidsma

Please take some time to review our web site to learn about the many issues facing our township. We have a lot of work to do and I am committed to improving government for all of us.

Please take the poll on the “Meet Jay” page and tell me your concerns. Or contact me directly by email at jay@jayforclerk.com.

We need your help. You can volunteer, donate or place a yard sign. Together, we can move our township forward. I ask for your vote for Tuscarora Township Clerk in the Republican Primary on August 2nd.

What I stand for

  • Fiscal Responsibility
  • Township Transparency
  • Township Efficiency

I will work hard to bring clean government to the Clerk’s Office and the Township. I will:

  • Address all 2021 audit deficiencies. See deficiencies: (click here) See the MI Dept of Treasury letter (click here)
  • Develop proper checks and balances
  • Follow a proper budget process
  • Standardize financial reporting
  • Address underfunded police pension liability
  • Use the Township web page to post financial data
  • Publicly review Code of Ethics and Conflict of Interest commitments at Board meetings
  • Ensure election integrity to make sure everyone’s vote counts
  • Develop and integrate best business processes and practices
  • Ensure Township Board meetings are properly prepared in advance



On August 2, 2022 vote for Jay Reidsma
in the Republican Primary for Tuscarora Township Clerk

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